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Phenolic Foam

The organic foam is specially designed for the rapid development of the root. This medium of propagation was designed specifically to provide the perfect proportion of air and water to the plant and with this, to promote its growth and ensuring that the beginning of the life of the plant is strong. Each foam contains 196 plugs.

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This phenolic foam contains the right amount of nutrients for the start and is a very economical medium of propagation.

Thanks to the low capacity of cation exchange, this phenolic foam allows the plant to take the necessary nutrients without danger of salt accumulation. In addition, it is free of pathogens, which provides an environment that helps reduce both insects and diseases.

This culture medium is manufactured in the form of a plate that in turn is divided into different alveoli in the form of cubes. Ideal for a wide variety of crops.

Each foam contains 196 plugs.


1 - wash the foam with tap water
2 - remove excess water
3 - put 1 seed per hole
4 - place in a tray with about 1 cm of water
5 - put in the dark for 24 hours
6 - withdraw to the light
7 - always leave it damp, it cannot dry!