Grow your own food

GroHo Garden systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil.

Vertical Gardens

Horizontal Gardens

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Sustainable solution for growing your own food

3 x more per m²

Ultimate space-saving gardening solution

95% less water

Water-savings in comparison with soil-farming

99% success rate

Oxygen availability for a superior nutrient delivery

Grow 32 plants in just 1m square

GroHo Garden's provides a simple, cost-effective, sustainable solution for growing your own food. Is virtually fail-proof and makes growing a serious harvest achievable for everyone, with just 10 minutes of simple maintenance per week.

How it works

Harvest in just 21 days

Using ‘aeroponics’, a sustainable soil-free growing method, the GroHo Garden grows 3X faster and yields 3X more produce per metre² than soil-based gardening.

why grow with aeroponics

Pays for itself in 1 year

You can grow an average of € 100 worth of produce every month, meaning you'll make your money back within the first year.

The ROI of a GroHo Garden

Ideal for homes, backyard gardening, balconies, terraces, patios, rooftops, cafeterias, schools etc.

Better for you & for the planet!

Say goodbye to supermarket nasties, food mileage and food wastage, and know what you're putting in your body is 100% natural.

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What people are saying

"GroHo Garden produce not only grows faster but is much more delicious"

Julia Doe

"I love having fresh veggies and herbs at my fingertips"

John White

"I love the convenience, freshness & safety of growing at home"

Anna Haap