Servicing operations of all shapes & sizes

Hospitality & tourism

Grow fresh, sustainable produce on-site for a farm-to-table experience.

Property developers

Transform buildings into green, self-sufficient, sustainable ecosystems.

Councils & goverment

Create urban farms in your local spaces to serve and bring together your community.

Schools & early learning

Engage your students with hands-on learning with the GroHo Garden.

Retailers & wholesalers

Profitable and reliable supplies of quality fresh produce with lower food miles.

Pharmaceutical & wellness

Grow high quality medicinal crops and pharmaceuticals in a controlled environment.

Why grow with aeroponics

  • Better results with less work

  • Turn any space into an urban farm

  • Local expert setup & support

  • Grow more with less resources

GroHo Garden makes growing easier by automating watering and nutrient cycles, eliminating weeding and digging, minimizing pests, and more.

With attachable grow lights and requiring 90% less space than traditional farms, you can sustainably grow from anywhere.

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Our team has helped plan, establish, and manage countless uccessful projects. So you’ll be in capable hands.

GroHo Garden require 95% less water and 90% less space than traditional farming, and results in 3X faster growth.

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