The ROI of a GroHo Garden

The ROI of a GroHo Garden

When you break down the cost of a GroHo Garden, the value you'll gain is well worth the investment, delivering returns over and above the cost in just a few months. We can break the ROI of a GroHo Garden down into three main areas:

  1. Direct savings on supermarket shopping
  2. Health and nutritional benefits
  3. Environmental benefits

1. Direct savings on supermarket shopping

The GroHo Garden grows plants 3X faster and in significantly less space than traditional soil-based gardening, which means anyone, anywhere is able to grow meaningful amounts of produce every month.

Year 1 costs vs retail value

GroHo Garden Purchase € 499
Seedlings / grow plugs
€ 12 p/m
€ 2 p/m
€ 6 p/m
Total cost - year 1
€ 739
Retail value of produce grown 
€ 80 p/m
Time to recover costs
10 months 

Ongoing costs vs retail value

Annual running costs € 240
Annual produce value
€ 960
Annual ROI 4 X


2. Health & nutritional benefits

Herbicides and pesticides are a crucial ingredient for keeping supermarket produce in a saleable condition during its week-long journey from the farm to the shelf.

Even with all these nasty chemicals, fruits and vegetables lose between 30 - 90% of their nutritional value within three days of being harvested.

Growing with the GroHo Garden is 100% natural, with zero herbicides or pesticides involved at any stage, whilst also delivering the health benefits of fresh, garden-to-plate produce in every single meal. 

When compared to soil-based gardening, food growing using hydroponics has also been scientifically proven to be just as nutritious.

3. Environmental benefits

In Europe, almost half of all fruit and vegetables produced are wasted.

In our homes alone, 20% of the fruit and vegetables bought at the supermarket get thrown in the bin.

With the GroHo Garden, you only pick what you eat, which eliminates food wastage in your household. If everyone grew just 20% of what they ate, the impact on the environment would be game-changing. 

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